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June, 2008

Clarke receives NRC’s Distinguished Service Recognition award

Jun. 24, 2008—James H. Clarke, professor of civil and environmental engineering, last week received a Distinguished Service Recognition award from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for his service on the NRC’s Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste and Materials (ACNW&M). Plaques were presented in a ceremony at the Rockville, Maryland, headquarters of the NRC to Clarke and to three...

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Professors Jansen: A story of life, love and research

Jun. 18, 2008—  He is tall and lanky with the broad features typical of a Netherlander; she is diminutive and refined, reflecting her East Indian heritage. But with all of their differences, one would be hard pressed to find a more complementary couple than Duco and Anita Mahadevan-Jansen. “You couldn’t find two more opposite people in every...

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Three VUSE faculty receive tenure

Jun. 16, 2008—Three Vanderbilt School of Engineering faculty members have been promoted to associate professor with tenure.  The promotions were confirmed by the Board of Trust at its spring meeting May 15-16. They are Mark Does, associate professor of biomedical engineering; Michael Miga, associate professor of biomedical engineering; and Greg Walker, associate professor of mechanical engineering. “Tenured...

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Vandy Aerospace Club gets big lift from launch win

Jun. 2, 2008—      Vanderbilt’s Aerospace Club recently won a prestigious altitude contest when its rocket reached a height of 5,264 feet at a launch contest held in late April at a north Alabama farm. “The corn growing in that field will never taste as sweet as the success of our rocket,” said senior Nathan Grady,...

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Former Vandy star, CE graduate dies at 71

Jun. 2, 2008—  William B. “Boyce” Smith, Jr., 71, who played quarterback at Vanderbilt before becoming a National Football League referee and head of a steel company, passed away June 10 after a lengthy illness. Smith, who graduated with a degree in civil engineering, arrived at Vanderbilt without a scholarship during the 1950’s and played his way...

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Former Professor Peter A. Krenkel dies in Nevada

Jun. 2, 2008—Peter A. Krenkel, who taught environmental and water resources engineering (EVRE) at Vanderbilt from 1959 to 1973, died June 1 at his home in Reno, Nevada, of a brain tumor. He was 78. Krenkel was a well recognized expert in the field of environmental engineering and was an author and co-author of numerous books and...

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