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December, 2012

Surgery and engineering initiative offers funds to develop interventional medical devices

Dec. 5, 2012—The treatment of many diseases and serious health conditions has changed dramatically over the past two decades due to the availability of new interventional medical devices designed to improve health or alter the course of disease. The explosive growth of coronary intervention procedures has been fueled by new devices such as guidewires, angioplasty balloons and...

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Jeff Olmstead heeds call of the energy business

Dec. 4, 2012—Jeff Olmstead for a long time resisted the call of oil and gas that is in his blood. Last year, however, he took Dallas-based Mid-Con Energy public as its president and chief financial officer. Olmstead, BE’99, majored in both electrical engineering and mathematics at Vanderbilt, and worked summers at Mid-Con building fences and painting alongside...

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Visits generate new ideas from stakeholders

Dec. 3, 2012—From alumni mentoring students to adding more videos on the school’s website, parents and alumni last week offered Dean Philippe Fauchet some ideas to ponder. “I was in Boston to share my vision for the school, but the opportunity to hear what’s on their minds is invaluable. Many of their questions and comments I had...

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