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3D printed arm bones could aid in surgery planning, surgeon training

May. 30, 2018—Orthopaedic surgeons typically look at X-ray or CT images of a broken arm bone and hold up an old-school ruler to confirm the best plate type and size for repair. But the process is not always that easy, especially in cases involving complex fractures. And without years of experience to inform their estimates, young surgeons...

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New method to fashion cheap, small carbon nanotubes ‘could change the world,’ Pint says

May. 24, 2018—Imagine a box you plug into the wall that cleans your toxic air and pays you cash. That’s essentially what Vanderbilt University researchers produced after discovering the blueprint for turning the carbon dioxide into the most valuable material ever sold – carbon nanotubes with small diameters. Carbon nanotubes are supermaterials that can be stronger than...

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Sztipanovits named John von Neumann Professor in Hungary

May. 23, 2018—Janos Sztipanovits, a leader in cyber-physical systems research, has been named the John von Neumann Professor by Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the John von Neumann Computer Society of Hungary. Sztipanovits, E. Bronson Ingram Distinguished Professor of Engineering and founding director of the Vanderbilt University Institute for Software Integrated Systems, will receive the...

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Vanderbilt wins NASA rocketry championship for fifth time

May. 11, 2018—The Vanderbilt Student Launch team won the NASA University Student Launch Competition for an unprecedented fifth time—following up on their eighth Payload Design Award—the space agency announced today. Vanderbilt returned to its winning ways after having placed second overall last year, following a string of four championships 2013-2016. University of North Carolina-Charlotte, University of Louisville,...

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Getting robotic surgical tools from the lab to the operating room

May. 8, 2018—The path from university lab to commercialization is especially complex in the biotech industry. Challenges range from long lead times, sometimes measured in decades, to the costs of transforming ideas into innovations, as well as issues of intellectual property, patenting and licensing. Yet Nabil Simaan, a mechanical engineering professor who specializes in designing robots to...

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Ultrasound helmet would make live images, brain-machine interface possible

May. 8, 2018—Brett Byram, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, is developing a helmet that allows for brain ultrasound imaging. (Daniel Dubois/Vanderbilt University) Ultrasound technology for the brain could mean real-time images during surgery, a better idea of which areas get stimulated by certain feelings or actions and, ultimately, an effective way for people to control software and...

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Koutsoukos heads NSA Lablet to enhance America’s post-hack resiliency

May. 7, 2018—Cyber-physical systems let you analyze Fitbit data on a smartphone. They tell your house to bump up the thermostat before you get home. They run traffic lights. Mass transit. Electrical grids. It’s not a question about whether these systems connecting humans and technology are hackable. America’s challenge is to keep them running after inevitable hacks...

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Class of 2018 Profile: Josh Fleck, ME major, empowers people with disabilities

May. 7, 2018—a high school student in Bradenton, Florida, Josh Fleck knew he wanted to research and develop robotic prosthetic devices. At the time, however, he had no concept of what that research looked like. He’s more than resolved the mystery. Fleck, a mechanical engineering major, has spent the past three years working with Vanderbilt Assistant Professor Karl Zelik...

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