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‘artificial intelligence’

Recent Ph.D.’s AI platform weighed 100s of variables, gave federal health care bill a 15% shot

Apr. 5, 2017—When Republican Congressional leaders shelved their replacement to the Affordable Care Act, John Nay, a recent Vanderbilt computational decision science Ph.D., was not surprised. PredictGov, the centerpiece of the A.I. startup launched by Nay and two other cofounders, gave the American Health Care Act (HR-1628) a 15 percent chance of success after it was introduced...

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Professor chats about AI at local Science Cafe

Nov. 28, 2010—Kazuhiko Kawamura chatted about artificial intelligence with 15 people at Fido Cafe in Hillsboro Village over cups of coffee and the din of surrounding customers. Kawamura, professor of electrical and computer engineering in the School of Engineering at Vanderbilt University, was the speaker at the Nov. 18 Science Café, a program of Nashville’s Adventure Science...

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