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‘big data’

Smart City project gives Nashville data-based planning tools

Oct. 17, 2019—Vanderbilt researchers have discovered a vortex—and this one has nothing to do with icy, polar weather. Working with the Nashville Fire Department and Davidson County Information Technology Services, a team of Vanderbilt computer scientists and engineers analyzed more than three years of NFD incident data. The team looked at location, time and type of incidents...

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ABS underwriting cost of employee’s PhD in risk and reliability

Nov. 3, 2017—One of the world’s largest marine classification societies is sponsoring a PhD student in risk and reliability engineering, an arrangement that could become more common as the number of jobs requiring graduate degrees outside of academia continues to increase. Eric VanDerHorn, a senior engineer at Houston-based ABS (the American Bureau of Shipping), has completed two...

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Three engineering faculty named to big data and data science working group

Aug. 18, 2017—Three School of Engineering professors will join colleagues from across Vanderbilt University and the Medical School in analyzing the directions for new university big data and data science initiatives. Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost Susan R. Wente named the 20-member Data Science Visions Working Group this week. Joining the group are: Hiba Baroud, Littlejohn Dean...

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Schmidt lecturer predicts higher ed’s future: Lifelong, tech-based learning instead of 4 years

Apr. 14, 2016—UT-Arlington’s Siemens says professors will track student engagement, students will take ‘learner profiles’ with them We know about the clicker – a handheld device that lets professors pose a question and learn almost instantly how many students understand the material. Education researcher and MOOC pioneer George Siemens knows what comes after the clicker. He’s predicting...

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Research shows patient privacy, ‘big data’ can coexist

Jan. 29, 2016—  A Vanderbilt study shows that anonymization algorithms can provide privacy protection across multiple institutions as clinical data are released for research. (photo by Susan Urmy) A new study, led by investigators at Vanderbilt University, confirms that the scientific pursuit of so-called big data from hospitals and clinics needn’t conflict with patient privacy. As electronic medical...

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NSF CAREER Award aids Landman’s big data brain modeling research

Feb. 2, 2015—Vanderbilt University big data researcher Bennett Landman has won a $436K National Science Foundation CAREER Award for his proposal to aid understanding of brain development. Landman, assistant professor of electrical engineering, computer science and biomedical engineering, plans to use new methods of computer analysis plus images of tens of thousands of children’s brains to develop...

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