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Engineering scholar Katherine Russo receives AAUW fellowship

Nov. 17, 2020—AAUW programs aim to tackle barriers women face in education Graduate student Katherine Russo has been awarded a 2020-2021 fellowship from the American Association of University Women. The AAUW awards grants and fellowships to scholars who pursue academic work and lead innovative community projects to empower women and girls. It is one of the world’s...

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Tissue engineering expert to deliver Hall Lecture on lessons from use of biomaterials in surgery

Nov. 6, 2019—An expert in tissue engineering who recently received the prestigious NIH Director’s Pioneer Award will deliver a public talk Nov. 18 about lessons learned from biomaterials used in orthopedics and plastic surgery. Jennifer Elisseeff is the fall 2019 speaker in The John R. and Donna S. Hall Engineering Lecture Series. Elisseeff is the Morton Goldberg...

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Organ-on-a-chip mimics heart’s biomechanical properties

Feb. 23, 2017—John Wikswo with image of the I-Wire heart-on-a-chip device projected behind him. (Joe Howell / Vanderbilt) The human heart beats more than 2.5 billion times in an average lifetime. Now scientists at Vanderbilt University have created a three-dimensional organ-on-a-chip that can mimic the heart’s amazing biomechanical properties. “We created the I-Wire Heart-on-a-Chip so that we...

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Baby hearts need rhythm to develop correctly

Feb. 19, 2014—  Microphotograph of a chick embryo clearly shows the U-shaped tube from which the heart develops. At this stage of heart is the size of a comma on a printed page. (M.K. Sewell-Loftin / Vanderbilt) To develop correctly, baby hearts need rhythm…even before they have blood to pump. “We have discovered that mechanical forces are...

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