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Top ExxonMobil exec shares global energy supply, demand projections through 2040

Oct. 7, 2017—One of ExxonMobil’s top global executives provided a packed house of engineering students a front-seat overview of everything from liquefied natural gas to large drivers of projected global energy demand to career advice and algae. Developing economies will move nearly 2 billion additional people into middle class status by 2040, which will drive energy demand,...

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New Career Fair venue, casual company pitches a slamming success

Sep. 21, 2017—The ubiquitous “elevator pitch” is a standard rite of career advancement. Whether or not it takes place in an elevator, job candidates are told they must be able to describe their awesomeness in two minutes or less. The Vanderbilt Career Center this year turned the tables on the recruiters. The night before the official Career...

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