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Collaborative efforts attract Stanford chemical engineer to Vanderbilt

Oct. 20, 2017—The regimen is all too familiar for those battling breast cancer and for their loved ones: tough rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The patient goes on to live a long, cancer-free life when that regimen works. Marjan Rafat studies when it doesn’t. The assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering comes to Vanderbilt in...

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CS professor says it’s time to step-up local university-industry collaboration in Information Technologies

Feb. 13, 2012—When it comes to information technology (IT), Nashville has made great strides, but needs much more. Our shared concern about growing our IT talent pool is undeniably on-target. Software development and broader engineering skills and sheer innovative capacity are at a premium globally, as well as nationwide. It’s therefore no surprise that recruiting and retaining...

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