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How to build a tiny home: Expert advice from civil engineering grad Sean Ticknor

Feb. 17, 2021—For Sean Ticknor, BE’99, the light-bulb moment came in 2016. That’s when he realized that his sons, now 13 and 16, would never have the opportunity to take a shop class—and that most schools in his San Francisco Bay area took a one-size-fits-all approach in directing students to college, but no other paths. “College is...

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How long will Nashville’s boom last? VUSE symposium seeks answer

May. 21, 2015—The CEO of one of the nation’s largest construction management consulting firms said Thursday he’s bullish on the nation’s building boom lasting another 3-5 years, but probably not 10. Hank Harris with FMI Corporation and Seth Butler, senior vice president and head of commercial real estate for Nashville-based Avenue Bank, were charged with answering the...

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