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New maker class develops key skills and improves clients’ lives

Dec. 19, 2017—What does a young boy do when he wants to play sports but the helmet interferes with his cochlear implants? What about a Vanderbilt student who can’t carry her own meals because she needs both hands for a walker? Or another student who uses a wheelchair wants to hold a door open for a friend...

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Engineering school builds bridge to local, state maker communities

Dec. 22, 2015—Vanderbilt University School of Engineering added another pillar to the bridge it’s building to the maker community in Nashville and beyond. The school’s daylong ” Design, Build and Test (DEBUT) Makerspace Planning Workshop” Dec. 11 attracted well over 100 registrants who were interested in previously announced plans for a 13,000-square-foot Innovation Center to be housed...

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Makerspace workshop to guide school’s expansion of design facilities

Nov. 30, 2015—Simply put, building a makerspace requires a community, some tools, and education. How it’s accomplished varies, and that’s what the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering will explore Friday, Dec. 11, in a daylong Design, Build and Test (DEBUT) Makerspace Planning Workshop. The workshop is open to the public but attendance is limited. Go here to...

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Team designs potential solution for ‘India’s dangerous walk to the toilet’

Dec. 19, 2014—A diverse team of engineering students horrified by violent attacks on Indian women taking long trips to toilets came up with a safe alternative. Their project won first place in the School of Engineering’s Senior Design class – and it has the potential to change lives in nations where plumbing is considered a luxury. Biomedical...

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