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‘Engineering Council’

Student vs. faculty trivia challenge marks E-Week

Feb. 22, 2021—With COVID-19 protocols, Engineering Week 2021 looks different from prior years but retains its signature combination of events for fun, enlightenment and career planning. The lineup features trivia contests, gear giveaways, public school outreach, game nights and more. Undergraduate engineering students started the week Monday by getting new professional photos taken and getting career-building ideas...

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Class of 2018 Profile: Christian Motyczka, CS major, helps build VR app for struggling addicts

Apr. 30, 2018—When it came time to apply to college, Christian Motyczka did his research. He knew Vanderbilt University was the place for him. “I was looking for an Ivy-ish experience without the Ivy ego,” said Motyczka, a computer science major from Lumberton, New Jersey. “Everyone here has something they are passionate about. Everyone here is a well-rounded,...

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Creativity, curiosity, community on display during E-Week 2018

Feb. 25, 2018—New events, student organizations, and challenges highlighted E-Week 2018, a lineup designed to spark interest in engineering and remind students what got them excited about studying engineering in the first place. The Engineering Council, which pulls the week together each year, added daily scavenger hunts with prizes on Snapchat. Themed Entertainment Association at Vanderbilt, a new...

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Engineering Council, sponsoring groups gear up for fall E-Day Nov. 15

Nov. 12, 2016—The Engineering Council is giving students from the School of Engineering and across campus a day of fun, uplifting and educational activities on Nov. 15. The council itself and six of the clubs within it are sponsoring events, all of those in and around the Featheringill Hall atrium. “We were able to build off the...

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