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New maker class develops key skills and improves clients’ lives

Dec. 19, 2017—What does a young boy do when he wants to play sports but the helmet interferes with his cochlear implants? What about a Vanderbilt student who can’t carry her own meals because she needs both hands for a walker? Or another student who uses a wheelchair wants to hold a door open for a friend...

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Clark Scholars dinner brings together students, visionary donor

Nov. 27, 2017—One by one, moving down the length of an elegantly set table, 10 freshmen engineering students who represent the first cohort of A. James Clark Scholars at Vanderbilt stood up and shared the excitement of being here and how they plan to give back to the world. Their audience included university leadership, engineering educators and,...

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Riding an old gray mare, BME student rounds up rodeo wins

Nov. 17, 2017—Kaitlyn Ayers started riding lessons at age 9 and got her first horse when she was 13. Now a biomedical engineering junior, she has two horses and has been winning amateur rodeo events with Cocoa, who is older than she is. Cocoa is a 25-year-old gray quarter horse, now almost white with age. But the...

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New Career Fair venue, casual company pitches a slamming success

Sep. 21, 2017—The ubiquitous “elevator pitch” is a standard rite of career advancement. Whether or not it takes place in an elevator, job candidates are told they must be able to describe their awesomeness in two minutes or less. The Vanderbilt Career Center this year turned the tables on the recruiters. The night before the official Career...

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Bicycle remix: a $25 Craigslist buy, scrap metal tubing, welding and curiosity

Jul. 11, 2017—When Nick Belsten first eyed the pile of scrap metal tubing, he saw wind chimes. Castoffs from fences installations, the galvanized pipe pieces held too much potential to be ignored. Belsten packed as much as he could around furniture and other household goods headed to his family’s home in Florida. He did craft a fine...

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Mechanical engineering students devise locking system for Nashville public art

Jul. 6, 2017—When the Nashville Public Art Program commissioned a series of artistic bicycle racks, city officials did not expect vandals to remove one and stick it up in a tree. Outright theft was another problem. Maintenance presented still others. When a rack needs attention, workers have had to break up concrete mounting posts or try to...

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Two engineering seniors to explore the world as Keegan Traveling Fellows

May. 2, 2017—One engineering senior wants to learn how fathers in different cultures impact family dynamics while another senior wonders if traditional cures are getting replaced by the spread of Western medicine, and what that means for those cultures. To both, the exploration is personal. Vanderbilt University has awarded its 2017 Michael B. Keegan Traveling Fellowship to...

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Two ME undergrads from same lab named Goldwater Scholars

Apr. 11, 2017—Lauren Branscombe and Joshua Fleck have much in common. Both are juniors in mechanical engineering, focused on medical robotics. Both work in Biomedical and Assistive Technology (BAT) lab with Karl Zelik, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and biomedical engineering. Both plan to pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, continue research and improve the...

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