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‘Institute for Software Integrated Systems’

Making the U.S. power grid smarter, more resilient

Apr. 3, 2017—Researchers from Vanderbilt and two other universities charged with reinventing and protecting America’s power grid are taking their first solutions on a demonstration tour. Their idea is to build an underlying, open-source software platform to support decentralized applications that boost the power grid’s resilience and protect it from dangers ranging from terrorists to tree branches....

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Renowned cyber-physical systems researcher Sztipanovits honored with symposium

Aug. 5, 2016—Georgia Tech colleague: “You are the reason the field exists.” A progenitor of the Internet of Things celebrated his 70th birthday with a surprise, day-long symposium and party that brought together some of the world’s most renowned researchers in cyber-physical systems. Colleagues greeted Janos Sztipanovits, the E. Bronson Ingram Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Vanderbilt...

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Student rocketeers win fourth national championship in a row

May. 13, 2016—  Vanderbilt student rocketeers have won NASA’s Orbital-ATK University Student Launch competition for the fourth year in a row. They had to beat out 40 other university teams in the yearlong national competition in order to achieve this “four-peat.” NASA announced the results of the competition May 12. Teams from the University of Louisville and...

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Don’t nag me about taking the bus. Vanderbilt engineers already put me on it.

Dec. 17, 2015—By Heidi Hall VUSE Communications   Guilt and nagging just don’t work on me. My do-gooder, bus-riding friends who constantly hounded me about adding to traffic congestion and hurting the environment with my car? I just learned to avoid them. Show me that there’s a great reason to make a different choice, and you’ve got...

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Vanderbilt School of Engineering, partners awarded $3.5 million from ARPA-E for transformational energy technology

Nov. 25, 2015—  (iStock) A new $3.5 million award from the Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy will support Vanderbilt University School of Engineering researchers’ efforts to create software that can control the Smart Grid – a decentralized power system that is more efficient, sustainable and reliable than America’s current electrical power delivery.   Gabor Karsai...

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Vanderbilt software institute celebrates big week for grants

Sep. 17, 2015—Researchers at the Vanderbilt Institute for Software Integrated Systems are celebrating this week after the announcements of three major National Science Foundation grants in three days. First, the NSF announced on Monday the institute’s Aniruddha Gokhale, associate professor of computer science and computer engineering, would share a $240,000 award with Shivakumar Sastry of the University...

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Sztipanovits builds on IoT, Industrial Internet for the next tech revolution

Aug. 18, 2015—Americans are well accustomed to the sight of Fitbit-adorned wrists, their wearers marching in place so that their smartphones can reward them with a celebratory message about hitting a step goal. That’s the Internet of Things. And we’re starting to hear about intersections where the light changes to accommodate an approaching ambulance, or smart dryers...

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VUSE news roundup

Feb. 21, 2014—February 21, 2014 Futurity: Baby hearts need rhythm to grow the right way A Vanderbilt research team has taken an important step toward the goal of growing replacement heart valves from a patient’s own cells. The team determined that the mechanical forces generated by the rhythmic expansion and contraction of cardiac muscle cells play an...

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