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‘Jonathan Brunger’

Vanderbilt biomedical engineering professor wins NSF early career award to support tissue engineering research

Feb. 15, 2023—Vanderbilt University engineering professor Jonathan Brunger has won a National Science Foundation CAREER Award to understand how cells and biomaterials can work together to improve tissue regeneration. The prestigious five-year award honors early career faculty who have the potential to serve as role models in research and education and lead advances in their fields. The grant for...

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Brunger leads $1.5 million NSF project to develop advanced brain organoids

Jan. 7, 2021—Vanderbilt engineers have received a $1.49 million National Science Foundation grant to advance the science of organoids with cells that organize themselves and mimic development of human brain structures. Organoids are lab-produced groups of cells that serve as research models for human physiology in development and disease, including design and testing of drugs and other...

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Engineering school announces faculty appointments

Sep. 20, 2019—The Vanderbilt University School of Engineering announces the appointment of three tenure-track junior faculty members representing the biomedical, mechanical, and electrical engineering and computer science departments, and three non-tenure appointments. David Braun is an assistant professor of mechanical engineering. Prior to joining the engineering faculty, he was assistant professor at Singapore University of Technology and...

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