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Solaster, Vanderbilt’s Institute for Software Integrated Systems to collaborate on blockchain R&D to solve health care challenges

Aug. 30, 2018—Engineers in Vanderbilt University’s  Institute for Software Integrated Systems will collaborate with health care company Solaster to implement blockchain technology. The partners will create open-source tools to facilitate the safe, secure exchange of health care data, launching a production-ready platform based on Health Level Seven International’s Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7FHIR) universal health data standard....

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Vanderbilt engineers develop capabilities for more secure blockchain applications

Jun. 22, 2018—Vanderbilt engineers have successfully developed and validated the feasibility of blockchain-based technologies for secure, confidential sharing of patient medical records in a case study that demonstrates how blockchain could solve a huge healthcare challenge. Health IT interoperability has been an elusive goal, with data silos between hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and payers making exchange of information difficult. The Vanderbilt case study shows how...

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Computer science professors school their peers on the blockchain

Nov. 30, 2017—As the price of Bitcoin hits exospheric heights, civilians who don’t talk in code want to better understand the cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology on which it is built. That’s true even for tech-savvy engineering professors and their students – an inherently tough audience. What source is trustworthy? Where can I get facts without the...

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Journalists hear from chancellor, four Vanderbilt professors on big issues ahead

Oct. 30, 2017—Journalists from across the country traveled to campus last week to hear from Vanderbilt’s chancellor, experts and others about big issues likely to shape the Trump administration’s second year. The reporting institute, organized by journalism think tank and training group Poynter, spanned Thursday through Saturday and met in the First Amendment Center and The Commons...

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Engineering professors offer a free Senior Day seminar

May. 1, 2017—Computer science professors Doug Schmidt and Jules White will offer a free seminar as part of a slate of 2017 Commencement activities. The topic – Tackling Big Questions with Mobile Cloud Computing – is from their University Course offered during the 2016-17 academic year. There will be an open Q&A session for the last 15...

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Student team develops mobile app for Legal Aid

Feb. 21, 2017—Written by Vanderbilt University junior Economics major Sasha Pines The introduction of project-based University Courses at The Wond’ry will completely revolutionize the way we learn at Vanderbilt, as experiential learning is simply the best model for job training. Technology projects are inherently interdisciplinary, requiring clear communication and organized initiative. Students are granted the opportunity to...

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WalkWays app helps visitors find their way around VUMC

Sep. 15, 2016—Visitor Terry Manning uses his smartphone to test text-based directions to find Vanderbilt University Hospital’s Courtyard Café while he waits for his girlfriend during her appointment. (photo by Anne Rayner) Getting to a patient’s room or finding the right clinic for an appointment can be stressful, but Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) leaders believe a...

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Lecture, Dean’s Hour on Family Weekend schedule

Sep. 10, 2015—The School of Engineering will host a Dean’s Hour for all engineering students and families during Vanderbilt’s Family Weekend, Sept. 18-20. This annual fall tradition invites families to Nashville for a weekend of catching up with their students, experiencing campus life, visiting with administrators and faculty, and learning more about the services and resources available...

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