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‘Love Circle’

10 years on Nashville’s Love Circle: Vanderbilt is a high-tech neighbor

Dec. 2, 2022—Renewable energy pilot facility completes decade of continuous operation Local visitors to Nashville’s scenic Love Circle may be accustomed to sharing the one-of-a-kind skyline view with a high-tech neighbor: a wind turbine and a solar panel array that sends energy back to the city’s power grid. Vanderbilt University’s renewable energy installation, born from a joint...

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October winds offer students good view of turbine action

Nov. 20, 2012—Students from the School for Science and Math at Vanderbilt trekked about three miles from campus to the School of Engineering’s wind-solar alternative energy site to see a wind turbine in action atop Love Circle hill in Nashville. “The turbine was in full swing, catching strong late October winds,” said Amrutur Anilkumar, professor of the...

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Love Circle alternative energy showcase project nears completion

Jun. 7, 2012—A collaborative wind-solar alternative energy project between Vanderbilt University’s mechanical engineering department and Nashville Metro Water Services has picked up speed with the installation of a modest 3kW (kilowatt) wind turbine at the Love Circle site close to campus. Anilkumar said the small but efficient and quiet 3kW turbine was chosen based on the proximity...

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