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Abkowitz leads campus research project on pedestrian safety; volunteers with smart watches needed

Apr. 3, 2023—In partnership with design firm Gresham Smith, a team of Vanderbilt researchers from the university and medical center are deploying groundbreaking technology to increase pedestrian safety and comfort on campus. Mark Abkowitz, distinguished professor of civil and environmental engineering, is leading the project.  This is being accomplished using smart watches that record an individual’s heart rate...

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MoveVU travels on with $8.4M to help reduce traffic jams near campus, improve city air quality

Aug. 5, 2020—Campus Perimeter ‘Walk and Roll Loop’ (Mark Abkowitz/Vanderbilt University) Based on the success of the MoveVU sustainable transportation program, launched in 2018, Vanderbilt University has received an additional $8.4 million to scale up its activities. The additional money is being funded equally by the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s (TDOT) Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement...

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Transportation engineers put sophisticated eyes on campus mobility and air quality

Oct. 9, 2019—Do riders of bicycles and scooters dismount before crossing the pedestrian bridge over Hillsboro Road, as they should? How does the air quality at 21st and Broadway compare to campus areas with more tree cover? What are the pedestrian, bicycle, scooter and automobile traffic patterns at 21st and West End Avenue? The data is coming....

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Four PhD students win prestigious Eisenhower transportation fellowships

Jan. 24, 2019—  Four engineering Ph.D. students have received prestigious Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowships, a showing that highlights Vanderbilt’s flourishing position as an epicenter of connected cities and transit research. The fellows were selected through a competitive process that included university panels and a national selection panel. The awards, up to $30,000 each, are made by the...

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