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Researchers develop unique process for producing light-matter mixture

Dec. 7, 2020—Discovery provides insight for developing next generation optoelectronic and infrared devices In groundbreaking new research, an international team that includes a Vanderbilt engineer has developed a unique process for producing a quantum state that is part light and part matter. The discovery provides fundamental new insights for more efficiently developing the next generation of quantum-based...

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Nanoscience and nanotechnology minor offered

Oct. 15, 2012—In an effort to respond to students’ rapidly growing interest in nanoscale technology, a new 15-hour interdisciplinary minor in nanoscience and nanotechnology is being offered by the School of Engineering and the College of Arts and Science. Directors are Paul E. Laibinis, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering, and Sandra J. Rosenthal, Jack and Pamela...

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