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Interdisciplinary team develops open-access computer programming course for high school teachers

Nov. 3, 2023—A modular, open-access curriculum created at Vanderbilt that’s designed to expand the ability of high school teachers to use technology in learning offers an engaging introduction to advanced topics that are currently accessible only to computer science majors in college. Programming for a Networked World is a beginner-level MOOC (massive open online course) on Coursera...

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Mobile app for NetsBlox designed by CS grad students wins award

Feb. 9, 2022—In thinking about developing an app for NetsBlox, a block-based programming language that introduces coding to young learners, Devin Cruz Jean asked himself a simple question: Would he, as a middle school or early high school student, be interested in the data sets NetsBlox could access? The answer was no. “I would not be interested...

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CPS summer camps offer teachers, young learners a dive into cybersecurity

Aug. 2, 2019—Anastasia likes computer science so her mother told her about Vanderbilt’s cybersecurity summer camp. Kimmi and Quinn have a high school friend who was a cybersecurity camper last year.  Tanuj, a veteran of Python and Java camps, said his neighbor, a Vanderbilt computer science professor, thought cyber-physical systems might interest him. Vanderbilt’s Institute for Software...

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Cyber-physical systems security summer camps are games and fun for young learners

Jun. 21, 2018—In this tug-of-war game there was no rope and no pulling. Groans, however, were plentiful as pairs of middle and high school campers at Vanderbilt jabbed at computer keys and space bars to push left or right a small robot car with cartoon googly eyes. One person in each pair was going to win. At...

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Interdisciplinary NetsBlox project makes computer programming intuitive

May. 30, 2017—Vanderbilt University Professor of Computer Engineering Akos Ledeczi doesn’t want everyone to become a programmer. But understanding how computers think, interact, and do what we want them to do – those are 21st century skills, he said. In NetsBlox, a visual programming environment, Ledeczi and an interdisciplinary team are developing a teaching tool that introduces...

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