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Robby Perry, BE’19, packed his four Vanderbilt years with experiences

May. 30, 2019—Once a week since his first year at Vanderbilt, Robby Perry’s alarm clock went off at 4 a.m. so he could show up to work the 4:30 to 7 a.m. breakfast shift at the Nashville Rescue Mission. Perry, a mechanical engineering and economics double major, said his college experience was shaped profoundly by this service...

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Nissan values fresh eyes on assembly plant design challenges

Jul. 10, 2018—For more than five years, Nissan North America has sponsored engineering senior design projects share the goal of improving safety, workflow and efficiency its assembly plant in Smyrna, TN. Mark Larson, the manager for Nissan’s Integrated Factory Automation Engineering, welcomes fresh eyes on a problem each year. “Having folks with no experience in an automotive...

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Battery-switching device promises more road time for Tesla, Leaf drivers

Nov. 20, 2017—Nissan Leafs, which go about 107 miles on a charge, often don’t graduate beyond commuter car status due to battery-life worries. The mass-market, standard Tesla Model 3 can travel double that distance, which is still limiting on long road trips. Both batteries could work about 50 percent longer with a device provisionally patented by Vanderbilt...

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Engineering grad gets cameo in Nissan’s Super Bowl commercial

Feb. 6, 2015—Race car driver and engineering alumnus Brad Jaeger can be seen very briefly in a 90-second Nissan commercial during the 2015 Super Bowl on Feb. 1 featuring the relationship between a race car driver and his son and set to the 1974 folk song “Cat’s in the Cradle.” His cameo comes in the scene of...

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