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I-Corps training supports commercialization of NSF-funded research

May. 5, 2018—Even as an undergraduate majoring in chemical engineering, Lara Jazmin, PhD’15, had a deep interest in applying math and science to real-world problems. She found a golden opportunity to do just that as a graduate student when she started working in the laboratory of Jamey Young, associate professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Vanderbilt....

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Innovation Realization brings nationally-recognized tech transfer class to Vanderbilt

Dec. 8, 2015—A Georgia Institute of Technology professor is bringing her ground-breaking, nationally recognized entrepreneurship program here, teaming Vanderbilt School of Engineering students with those in the business and law schools for an entrepreneurship class that uses real-life examples. Four groups presented their ideas recently at Owen Graduate School of Management, explaining how their designs work, their...

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VenoStent, PinPtr edge closer to market with boost from $200K AIR-TT grants

Sep. 30, 2015—Two innovative but very different products designed by Vanderbilt University engineers are getting a financial push onto the market, thanks to National Science Foundation Accelerating Innovation Research–Technology Translation (AIR-TT) grants of about $200,000 each. VenoStent is a vein graft-supporting device made from a new class of shape-memory polymers. PinPtr is a cloud-based, high-precision, low-cost positioning...

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