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Engineering undergrads from DIIGI lab present their research at SPIE Photonics

Jan. 29, 2018—A new device that can image diseases of the retina more quickly will soon be tested during ophthalmic surgeries with Vanderbilt Eye Institute collaborators. The prototype was designed by a Vanderbilt engineering undergraduate, who is first author on a paper about the work she will present today at the largest photonics conference in the world....

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VISE symposium explores interoperative fluorescence to light up tumors

Dec. 18, 2017—Using fluorescently labeled antibodies as a contrast agent can give cancer surgeons highly specific real-time detection of tumors that may accelerate diagnosis, preserve more healthy tissue, and improve patient outcomes. “There is a tension between a positive margin and taking too much normal tissue,” said Dr. Eben Rosenthal, the John and Ann Doerr Medical Director...

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Tech transfer course gives grad students real-world journey

Dec. 9, 2017—Expert panelists asking if a viable market exists for your product or whether your advancement is, in fact, novel enough to win patent protection makes the road to commercialization real. Fast. At the halfway point of a lauded entrepreneurship program, that’s the point. The class, which teams engineering PhD candidates with graduate students in the...

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NIH-funded collaboration to develop steerable robotic needles for lung biopsies

Nov. 8, 2017—What started as graduate school research with steerable needles in blocks of gelatin could help pulmonologists more accurately reach sites in the peripheral lung to biopsy them. A collaboration between that doctoral student – now Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Robert Webster; Dr. Fabien Maldonado a pulmonologist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center; and a colleague...

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VISE team wins $1.4 million NIH grant to reboot robotic surgery system

Oct. 17, 2017—A Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering (VISE) team is developing an image guidance interface for the da Vinci robotic surgery system to make partial kidney removal a less invasive “gold standard” when small tumors are involved. In such cases, removing part of a kidney with minimally invasive robotic surgery is often best for a...

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BME study shows software helps surgeons find liver tumors, avoid blood vessels

Jul. 17, 2017—The liver is a particularly squishy, slippery organ, prone to shifting both deadly tumors and life-preserving blood vessels by inches between the time they’re discovered on a CT scan and when the patient is lying on an operating room table. Surgeons can swab the exposed liver lightly on the surface with a special stylus, capturing the shape of...

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Five students earn awards at SPIE Medical Imaging Conference

Mar. 2, 2017—Five Vanderbilt students across computer science, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering were selected for scientific awards out of almost 450 papers presented at the SPIE Medical Imaging 2017 Conference in mid-February. Twenty-five students from five laboratories affiliated with the Vanderbilt Institute in Surgery and Engineering (VISE) attended the conference. SPIE is the international society for...

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Fresh from company launch and I-Corps, Webster passes lessons along

Dec. 15, 2016—Robert Webster III launched his first company, Virtuoso Surgical, in April. He completed the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program for new tech companies in early August. And by the start of classes, the associate professor of mechanical and electrical engineering was passing along the lessons he learned to eight young entrepreneurs in a new class....

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