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Research Experiences for Teachers (RET)

Journal Publications

Many RET teachers have publications to showcase their efforts. Some teachers have scientific publications such as RET teacher Mark Gonyea’s publication in IEEE SMC’s 2009 conference proceedings, “A Human Eye Like Perspective for Remote Vision” with co-authors Humphrey, Motter, and Adams. Other teachers have publications in teaching journals such as Terry Carter’s publication in The Technology Teacher, “Dancing Around my Technology Classroom Box (My Second RET Lab),” (Vol. 69, No. 8, May/June 2010) and Lisa Beard’s publication in The Science Teacher, “Leaving their Legacy” (April 2010).

Instructional Materials

Each year the RET teachers develop instructional materials called Legacy Cycles that are based on their engineering research but appropriate for their high school classrooms. After they field test and edit these materials, they are submitted to the national digital library for publication consideration. Many teachers are having success in having their materials published here! Search for "Vanderbilt" to find all of our work that ranges from a medical imaging unit that integrates logarithms to a computer science unit to several science units.