Civil & Environmental Engineering Staff

Charity Backs Email615-322-6405
275 Jacobs Hall
Administrative Assistant II, CEE
Communications & Events Coordinator, CEE
Dalesha Blackwell Email615-875-5851
162A Jacobs Hall
Lab Safety Officer, CEE
Lisa Bliss Email908-391-0172
267 Jacobs Hall
Assistant Director (CRESP), CEE
Raymond Bond Email615-875-4206 Staff Engineer II, LASIR, CEE
Tonya Brown Email615-322-6080
280 JH
Grants Manager, CEE
Bethany Burkhardt Email615-343-2371 Research Engineer, CEE
Rossane DeLapp Email615-322-3189
162A Jacobs Hall
Research Engineer, CEE
Karen Fuller Email615-343-5415
275 Jacobs Hall
Graduate Program Assistant, CEE
David Koester Email615-875-4204
267 JH
Research Engineer, LASIR, CEE
Denise Martin Email615-343-6328
277 JH
Admininstrative Assistant for VECTOR, CEE
DeeLa Mcgill Email615 343-4270
162A Jacobs Hall
Lab Technician, CEE
Karen Page Email615-343-2373
269 Jacobs Hall
Department Administrator, CEE
Beverly Piatt Email615-875-3013
267 Jacobs Hall
Assistant to Department Chair, CEE
Rich Teising Email615-343-2019
172E Jacobs Hall
Staff Engineer I, CEE
Garrett Thorne Email615-875-4205
267 JH
Staff Engineer I, LASIR, CEE
Darlene Weaver Email615-322-8637
287 JH
Admin Asst to David Kosson, CEE

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