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Dean's Office (Engineering) Staff

Michele Bender Email615-875-9938
5332 Stevenson Center
Sr. Coordinator of Engineering Programs & Events, DEAN
Michelle Bukowski Email
382 Featheringill Hall
Program Coordinator, VISE, DEAN
Robin Carlson Email615-322-0720
5332 Stevenson Center
Assistant to the Dean, DEAN
Sara Carroll Email615-322-5510 Administrative Officer, DEAN
David Caudel Email615-322-2828 Associate Director, Frist Center for Autism & Innovation, DEAN
Brittany Champion Email615-936-3160 Sr. Administrative Officer, DEAN
Phil Davis Email615-322-3358
160 Jacobs Hall
Engineer, DEAN
Stanley (Ross) Denham Email615-343-5693 Building & Facilities Manager, DEAN
John Dunbar Email615-322-6245
5818 Stevenson Center
Building & Facilities Manager, DEAN
Pamela Dunn Email615-343-9178
5332 Stevenson Center
Education Coordinator, DEAN
Brenda Ellis Email615-343-6314
5307 Stevenson Center
Sr. Scientific Communications Specialist, DEAN
Tracey Jackson Email615-343-8049
5339 Stevenson Center
Sr. Director, Engineering Administration, DEAN
Lucas Johnson Email615-343-0137
5307-5308 Stevenson Center
Senior Editor and Science Communications Specialist, DEAN
Brigitta Jozefowski Email615-343-5990
5305 Stevenson Center
Sr. Director, Engineering Grants & Contracts, DEAN
Gabriel Luis Email615-343-3128
5321 Stevenson Center
Director of Graduate Recruiting and Assistant Dean for Graduate Education, DEAN
Emily Mueting Email1 (615)343-7535
5332 Stevenson Center
Digital Marketing Communications Specialist, DEAN
Colette Rybinski Email615-343-9535 Program Manager, Frist Center for Autism & Innovation, DEAN
Matty Sevilla Email615-343-4631
5305 Stevenson Center
Financial Unit Analyst, DEAN
Barry Templeton Email615-343-0920 Sr. Manager of Engineering Facilities, DEAN
Ryan Underwood Email(615)322-1003
5319 Stevenson Center
Director of Communications and Marketing, DEAN
Rong (Joanne) Wang Email615-875-8386
5332 Stevenson Center
Assistant Dean for Professional and External Education Programs, DEAN
Erica Warren Email615-343-3773
5305 Stevenson Center
Financial Unit Analyst, DEAN
Alison Williams Email615-875-9068
5305 Stevenson Center
Senior Associate Business Officer, DEAN