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Dean's Office (Engineering) Staff

Michele Bender Email615-875-9938
5332 Stevenson Center
External Relations Coordinator, DEAN
Teresa Benedetti Email615-343-3773
5332 Stevenson Center
Senior Administrative Assistant to the Deans, DEAN
Michelle Bukowski Email
382 Featheringill Hall
Social Media and Program Coordinator, Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering, DEAN
Robin Carlson Email615-322-0720
5332 Stevenson Center
Assistant to the Dean, DEAN
Brittany Champion Email615-936-3160 Administrative Officer, DEAN
Phil Davis Email615-322-3358
160 Jacobs Hall
Engineer, DEAN
Stanley (Ross) Denham Email Facilities Manager, DEAN
Kevin Galloway Email
Engineering & Science Building, Rm. 366
Director of Making, DEAN
Tracey Jackson Email615-343-8049
5339 Stevenson Center
Administrative Manager, DEAN
Brigitta Jozefowski Email615-343-5990
5305 Stevenson Center
Senior Grants Manager, DEAN
Matty Sevilla Email615-343-4631
5305 Stevenson Center
Financial Unit Analyst, DEAN
Hector Silva Email615-875-8079
5332 Stevenson Center
Chief Business Officer, DEAN
Rong (Joanne) Wang Email615-875-8386
5332 Stevenson Center
Director, Professional and Masters Programs, DEAN
Erica Warren Email615-343-3773
5305 Stevenson Center
Financial Unit Analyst, DEAN
Alison Williams Email615-875-9068
5305 Stevenson Center
Assistant Director, DEAN