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Mechanical Engineering Staff

Myrtle Daniels Email615-322-2413
101 Olin Hall
Sr. Administrative Assistant, ME
Kevin Galloway Email
Engineering & Science Building, Rm. 366
Research Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, ME
Melody Kekez Email615-343-8443
102 Olin Hall
Graduate Program Coordinator, ME
Sarah Nagy Email615-343-9769
103 Olin Hall
Administrative Manager, ME
Ellie Rosenbloom Email615-343-1148
610-C Olin Hall
NASA Grant Program Coordinator, ME
Shannon Salvog Email615-343-7033 Grants Manager, ME
Meagen Sweet Email615-343-8736 Grants Manager, ME
Mark Thelen Email615-322-5836
410A Olin Hall
Laboratory Manager, ME