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    Jun. 15, 2021

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    BME student dancers find joy, community, and stress relief at the barre

    BME junior Danielle Liu, center, and BME senior Dominque Szymkiewicz, right, perform in VUPointe’s 2018 production of The Nutcracker. (Photo by Madison Lindeman) Nearly everything falls away when Danielle Liu performs – classes, labs, deadlines, stress. Everything, that is, but excitement and joy. “When I’m performing, everything is out of… Read More

    Dec. 10, 2018

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    BME student and Melodore gets advanced course in violin making

    BME senior Shaan Ramaprasad, far right, is the Melodores’ musical director as well as a violin player – and maker. Shaan Ramaprasad is quite pleased with his new violin and not only because he likes the sound – which is much more full and rich than it was three months… Read More

    Oct. 15, 2018

  • EN.belsten-bike-featured

    Bicycle remix: a $25 Craigslist buy, scrap metal tubing, welding and curiosity

    When Nick Belsten first eyed the pile of scrap metal tubing, he saw wind chimes. Castoffs from fences installations, the galvanized pipe pieces held too much potential to be ignored. Belsten packed as much as he could around furniture and other household goods headed to his family’s home in Florida. Read More

    Jul. 11, 2017

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    Student team develops mobile app for Legal Aid

    Written by Vanderbilt University junior Economics major Sasha Pines The introduction of project-based University Courses at The Wond’ry will completely revolutionize the way we learn at Vanderbilt, as experiential learning is simply the best model for job training. Technology projects are inherently interdisciplinary, requiring clear communication and… Read More

    Feb. 21, 2017