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Master of Engineering Degree

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Program Description

The master of engineering (M.Eng.) is an advanced professional degree awarded by the School of Engineering and especially designed for engineering practitioners who may prefer to work while doing professional study. It is also suitable for individuals who apply directly from undergraduate school but the thrust of the program is toward professional practice in engineering rather than research or teaching. The degree is currently offered in chemical engineering; civil engineering (construction management); engineering management (online); environmental engineering; mechanical engineering; and interdisciplinary programs in cyber-physical systems (CPS), risk, reliability and resilience engineering (RRR), and engineering in surgery and intervention (ESI).

Students must complete 30 hours of approved course work. Acceptable course work will have course numbers > 5000 (indicating graduate level courses). A listing of courses offered in each program can be found in the relevant section of the Graduate School catalog. Specific programs may have more detailed requirements on courses that are required for the M.Eng. degree or regarding course credits that must be earned in certain types of courses. More specific information should be sought from the Director of Graduate Studies in the major field of interest.

A maximum of 6 hours of graduate-level course work may be transferred from another institution. Residency requirements are flexible, and a maximum period of seven years is allowed to complete the degree. An extensive, written design report shall be submitted on a project approved by the student’s project adviser.

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