Software Distribution and Support Services

Note: You should use VUnet e-password credentials to access any of the restricted materials. To identify yourself to the DreamSpark Premium webstore, provide your preferred VUmail email address and your DreamSpark password.

General Information

This server supports the VUSE Software Distribution and Support (SDS) services. In general, access to the restricted materials for any of the packages distributed from this server requires

  • a valid set of VUnet credentials (a username and a password),
  • a network address on the Vanderbilt data network, and
  • authorization to access the materials for that package.

Authorization for each package is independent and authorization to access the materials for one package does not imply authorization to access those for any other package.

Authorization to access these materials does not imply authorization to share these materials. Anyone sharing these materials with anyone else or sharing her or his SDS password with anyone else may lose access to this server.

In general, all software associated with a package is covered by a single license and each authorized user is authorized for only a single license of a package. One license entitles a user to install the associated package on one computer. To install a package on a second, different computer, a user must first deactivate the software (if necessary) and uninstall it from the first computer.

Available Packages

Depending on your personal authorizations, you may be able to access materials for:

  • AspenPlus from Aspen Technology, Inc.
  • Creo from Parametric Technology Corporation
  • DreamSpark Premium from Microsoft Corporation
  • LabVIEW from National Instruments Corporation
  • Mathematica from Wolfram Research, Inc. - Warning Regarding License Expiration: Each activation key is tied to a yearly license and expires on April 30 (with a one month grace period) so you will need to reactivate your installation every year even if you do not upgrade the software.
  • MATLAB from The Mathworks, Inc.

Details On Available Packages

  • Aspen Plus

    You should use VUnet e-password credentials to access any of the restricted materials.
    Aspen Plus is a component of the AspenONE package of tools from Aspen Technology, Inc.

    Installation Materials

    • v11 - Microsoft Windows 10 or later

    Note: While Microsoft Windows 8 and later include a mechanism to mount an ISO disk as a virtual CD/DVD drive, Microsoft Windows 7 and earlier do not. To use an ISO file as a disk on an earlier version of Microsoft Windows, we recommend WinCDEmu.

  • Creo
    You should use VUnet e-password credentials to access any of the restricted materials.

    The Creo version on the VUSE SDS servers has an academic license and is only to be used for course work per the terms of the license agreement. This version is not to be used for research; that is not an authorized use for this license.

    There are many software packages that allow research and student uses that you can directly download from the manufacturer for the uses deemed fit by the specific license of the manufacturer- please look to these addition research resources (for CAD and other software) to find a solution that fits your needs."

    Installation Materials

    Creo for Microsoft Windows

  • DreamSpark Premium

    Microsoft DreamSpark Premium Webstore

    The departments of the School of Engineering have paid for a set of Microsoft DreamSpark Premium subscriptions which enables the use of over 500 Microsoft applications by anyone affiliated with those departments. Some examples of software available via DreamSpark are Visio and Project.

    DreamSpark Premium is primarily an offering to students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs of study and the use of the included software by students is governed by the Microsoft DreamSpark End User License Agreement (EULA). Further, to support of the educational aims of subscribing STEM departments, the DreamSpark Premium program allows departments to offer the same software to faculty and staff and to put the software into computer labs within the terms of the DreamSpark Premium usage guidelines. In essence, taken together, the license agreement and the usage guidelines allow each registered person to install up to two copies of each software package on two different computers or devices for educational use or in support of educational use. The software may continue to be used under these terms, even after graduation or separation from Vanderbilt University.

    The departments of the School have authorized all employees and students affiliated with all departments in the School of Engineering to be registered for access the software available via DreamSpark. This registration also includes students who are enrolled in Engineering classes but not otherwise affiliated with the School of Engineering. The list of registered people will be refreshed at the beginning of each semester going forward.


    • Although the VUSE DreamSpark Premium webstore and the VUIT Software Store webstore are powered by the same underlying software, they are different. The VUSE DreamSpark Premium store does not use VUnet usernames and passwords for authentication. Instead, it uses Vanderbilt preferred e-mail addresses, and allows each user to set their own password.
    • The VUSE DreamSpark Premium webstore and the VUIT Software Store DreamSpark offering are operating under different license agreements, meaning: (1) they have different offerings and (2) licenses obtained from one are essentially unrelated to those obtained from the other.
  • LabVIEW

    General Information

    You should use VUnet e-password credentials to access any of the restricted materials.

    The materials available from this page are intended for use only by the VUSE research community.

    For instructional purposes: Download the distribution materials for LabVIEW and other National Instruments software available to the VUSE community under the the Academic Software License , download and execute the appropriate installer.

    The instructional materials remain unchanged for an entire academic year so that no student is forced to juggle different installations of LabVIEW for different classes.

    The SDS research LabVIEW materials should usually be the most current distribution the School has received from National Instruments; when we receive a new distribution, the new materials will be made available as quickly as possible within reason. The current research materials come from the NI 2015 Q1 Academic Source License distribution and include LabVIEW 2014 SP1.

    Distribution Materials


    • Mounting an ISO Image under Microsoft WindowsVersions of Microsoft Windows older than Windows 8 do not by default include a utility to mount an ISO image as a virtual disk. There are a number of packages freely downloadable from the Internet that support this sort of use. A version of PowerISO is available from the Vanderbilt University Software Store as a free download to members of the Vanderbilt community. The author has also had good luck with WinCDEmu.
    • Mounting the LabVIEW DMG Image under LinuxThe Apple Disk Image file appears to be an Apple HFS+ file system with unusual file ownerships and permissions. You may find it easiest to deal with this file on Linux as root, e.g. if you download to /var/tmp
      $ sudo sh
      # mount -t hfsplus -o ro,loop /var/tmp/ASL* /mnt
      ... install ...
      # umount /mnt
      # exit
  • Mathematica


    • Faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use products on campus or personal machines
    • Agreement supports use of products in instruction and academic research
    • Licensing is renewed annually and is available only to active students, faculty, and staff

    Requesting Licensing

    • Enter your email at the following URL:
    • Click each corresponding link to request products; new users are prompted to create a WolframID
    • Fill out forms multiple times for installations on multiple machines (need one key per machine)
    • Licensing information will be emailed, or can be found at

    Supported Products

    Additional FAQ's for troubleshooting, if necessary


    MATLAB materials are now available via:

    Other MATLAB Versions

    Note: these materials as being provided as is for those wanting unsupported access to versions of MATLAB other than the current instructional version. Availability may change from day to day.

    To use an ISO bundle, you will need the ability to mount an ISO image as a file system or to burn an image to a physical disk. For Microsoft Windows systems before Microsoft Windows 8, we recommend installing PowerISO, available from the Vanderbilt University Software Store to current members of the Vanderbilt community, or WinCDEmu, a freely available download from the Internet. Once you have mounted the image as a filesystem, you should read and follow the vendor's installation instructions.

    Software Distribution Bundles: (you need only one)


  • SuperPro Designer
    You should use VUnet e-password credentials to access any of the restricted materials.
    • SuperPro Designer v8.5 (Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1) [.iso (598MB)]

Basic Instructions

The general process of installing one of the packages distributed from a VUSE SDS server involves these steps:

  • follow one of the package links above to access materials for your package of interest
  • select and download an archive appropriate for your computer
  • if necessary, download any supplemental files providing licensing information needed to install or activate the software package
  • extract the files from the downloaded archive or, if you chose a disk image, mount the archive as a virtual disk or burn the archive to a physical disk and mount the newly-burned disk,
  • run the installation program (typically named setup, install or something similar) provided by the vendor of the software and found in the top-level directory of the extracted or mounted distribution materials

The downloadable archives typically include the vendor's installation instructions. Your instructor may provide localized instructions or you may find locally prepared instructions linked from the package page (above) for the package of interest. (At this time, the general, locally prepared instructions are not yet available.)

Common Issues

  • File Size - Download Time

    Some of the available files are very large. Attempting to download them via a wireless connection may be frustrating. For fastest downloads, we recommend that you make a wired connection to both power and data networks for the duration of the download process.

  • File Size - Software Limitations

    Some of the available files are very large. Older web browsers may be unable to download the largest files. To avoid a problem with incomplete downloads, we recommend that you use a browser version that can handle transfer of files larger than 4GB.

  • Access Restrictions - User Identification/Authentication

    Access to the software installation materials on an SDS server is restricted. To gain access to the restricted materials, you must prove to the server that you should be allowed to operate with an identity authorized for access. The process of proving your identity to the server is known as authentication and, in general, is accomplished by presenting your personal VUnet username ("VUnetID") and VUnet e-password to the server.

  • Access Restrictions - User Authorization

    Access to the software installation materials on an SDS server is restricted and access to the materials for each package is authorized independently. Authorization to access one package does not imply authorization to access any other package. Furthermore, authorization to access a package in one school year does not imply authorization to access that same package in any later year. If you currently cannot access the desired software package, please email to request access.