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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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In the News!

Hiba Baroud on flood mitigation systems failing across Middle TN and their inability to keep up with intensifying rains from climate change on News Channel 4.

Mark Abkowitz on transportation infrastructure in  The Hill.

Janey Camp and Jonathan Gilligan on developing a research network to improve electric, transportation, and communications services in areas with infrastructure served by the TVA, in the  Nashville Post.

Dan Work on a project with the Tennessee Department of Transportation to use data from 300 cameras to smooth out I-24 traffic, in The Tennessean.

Janey Camp on the likelihood of more devastating floods in Tennessee and whether to rebuild in vulnerable areas, in AP News.

Craig Philip on supply chain difficulties ahead of the winter holidays, in Fast Company.

Craig Philip on Vanderbilt’s port resilience study that showed the advantages of barged gasoline, in  Waterway Journal.

Dan Work's research on traffic and the impact of transit riders switching to single-occupancy vehicles in Washington D.C., cited in  Reason.

Janey Camp, with TSU & TDOT, conducting study on turning HOV lanes into toll lanes on News Channel 2.

Dan Work on maintaining the two-second rule while driving to improve road safety and traffic flow.

Janey Camp on the importance of knowing your risk of flooding, on News Channel 5.

Janey Camp on how some urban design practices make cities more flood-prone, in VeryWell Health .

Dan Work on I24 MOTION, an ambitious collaboration using data to understand vehicle interactions and smooth out traffic flow, in The Nashville Post  and  News Channel 2 .