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December, 2018

FDA approves device based on Vanderbilt invention to ID parathyroid during head and neck surgeries

Dec. 17, 2018—Ten years after Professor of Biomedical Engineering Anita Mahadevan-Jansen discovered that parathyroid tissues glow under near-infrared light, the FDA has approved a device based on the technology for surgical use. She and her team developed the technology at the Vanderbilt Biophotonics Center. The device called “PTeye” has been tested at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and...

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VISE celebrates new home and showcases tech to improve patient care

Dec. 14, 2018—The Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering celebrated its opening of dedicated space in Medical Center North Dec. 12 with a technology showcase of more than two dozen cross-disciplinary collaborations advancing healthcare techniques from the lab to patients. The newly designed 7,000-square-foot suite with a mock operating room and large work space is expected to...

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BME student dancers find joy, community, and stress relief at the barre

Dec. 10, 2018—Nearly everything falls away when Danielle Liu performs – classes, labs, deadlines, stress. Everything, that is, but excitement and joy. “When I’m performing, everything is out of my brain except the character,” she said. “I’m filled with excitement and joy. You are in your own mental head space, and it is almost like a time...

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Vanderbilt engineering professor wins inaugural $2.5M Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant for neurodegenerative disorders research

Dec. 5, 2018—  CZI awards over $51 million to fight a class of diseases that include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Ethan Lippmann, assistant professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Vanderbilt University, has won an inaugural Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant for neurodegenerative disorders research. The five-year, $2.5 million award supports his goal of better understanding how blood-brain barrier...

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VISE hosts annual symposium Dec. 12 as new space opens for collaboration

Dec. 4, 2018—The Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering hosts it 7th Annual Symposium Dec. 12 with invited speakers from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Johns Hopkins University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The 2018 Surgery, Intervention, and Engineering Symposium opens with lunch and a poster session at noon in the Light Hall...

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Radiation experiment flies on record-setting SpaceX launch dedicated entirely to small satellites

Dec. 4, 2018—  The record-setting SpaceX rocket launch yesterday carried a Vanderbilt space radiation experiment aboard CubeSat Fox-1Cliff. Actually, it’s a spare. The original payload is aboard CubeSat AO-85 , launched in 2015 and still in low-Earth orbit. After deployment, Fox1-Cliff received its official designation, AO-95. A third Vanderbilt payload has been up one year this month...

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