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‘A.V. Anilkumar’

Students use rocket flight to test thermoelectric generator for waste heat recovery

Jul. 9, 2010—Vanderbilt mechanical engineering students have designed a thermoelectric generator for aerospace applications that elicited strong accolades at the spring 2010 NASA-sponsored University Launch Initiative and won the Payload Design prize. It has no moving parts and can convert some of the waste exhaust heat into usable electrical power. L-R: Cris Lioi, Ty Barringer, Travis Chan,...

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Aerospace Club conducts full-scale rocket launch in preparation for USLI contest

Feb. 16, 2010—The Vanderbilt Aerospace Club braved harsh winter weather Feb. 13 to conduct its first full-scale rocket launch with a mock-up payload at a launching grounds in Elizabethtown, Ky. The trials in Kentucky are in preparation for the NASA University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) Competition near Huntsville, Ala., in April. With a L610 motor, the rocket...

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Aerospace Club among 20 teams picked by NASA for April ‘launch initiative’

Feb. 23, 2009—Vanderbilt’s Aerospace Club is among 20 student teams selected by NASA from colleges and universities around the country to participate in NASA’s 2008-2009 University Student Launch Initiative April 18. The annual rocketry challenge will be held April 18 at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Student teams will bring their rocket projects to...

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Vandy Aerospace Club gets big lift from launch win

Jun. 2, 2008—      Vanderbilt’s Aerospace Club recently won a prestigious altitude contest when its rocket reached a height of 5,264 feet at a launch contest held in late April at a north Alabama farm. “The corn growing in that field will never taste as sweet as the success of our rocket,” said senior Nathan Grady,...

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DENSO gift powers new biodiesel testing facility

Dec. 12, 2007—  The Vanderbilt School of Engineering will soon have a new state-of-the art biodiesel testing facility, thanks to a $100,000 gift from the DENSO North America Foundation. Beginning in the fall of 2008, students from various engineering disciplines will use the Vanderbilt Multi-User Biodiesel Engine Test Facility to investigate diesel engine performance parameters and test...

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Vanderbilt awards exemplary Engineering faculty, staff

May. 10, 2007—Dean Kenneth F. Galloway of the Vanderbilt School of Engineering presented three awards to faculty and staff members for their achievements in research, teaching and professional service during the 2007 academic year. The awards were given during a May 8 ceremony in Featheringill Hall at Vanderbilt. The Edward J. White Engineering Faculty Award for Excellence...

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