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Alum finds laser parameters for fence that kills mosquitoes, not honeybees

Sep. 19, 2016—An attempt to poison Zika-carrying mosquitoes in South Carolina made headlines earlier this month when it killed millions of honeybees, too. That’s the perpetual issue in pest control: How do you make it deadly enough to take out the bugs you want without harming the ones you don’t – or harming the environment in general?...

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Gummy Bears, laser pointers demonstrate concepts at celebration of light

Mar. 30, 2015—Children and their parents crowded against the table at Adventure Science Center, eyes glued to biomedical engineering grad student John Nguyen and the green laser pointer pressed to his index finger. “Can you see the light come through my finger?” he asked. “No!” came the chorus of voices back — and it’s true, the green...

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